DIY Fest 2017 (Do It Yourself Festival) will be the 10th DIY Fest to be held in Baltimore City. The event is free (donations are greatly appreciated) and is open to anyone wanting to learn a new skill, teach or present one of their skills/hobbies or just check out what goes down at a DIY Fest.

The event will take place at 2640 St Paul Street Baltimore, MD 21218 inside the St Johns Church between 12 PM and 6 PM on September 2, 2017. Past Fests have had workshops such as (though this is nowhere near a complete list): bike repair, beer making, drywall repair, hula hoop making, intro to yoga, environmentally friendly screen printing, animal skinning, infant care, urban composting, basic pet care, knife making, cordage & friction fires, urban foraging intro to pop up card making, kombucha making, candle making, Japanese stab binding, beekeeping, women’s health and birth control, dog body languages, self defense, yarnbombing, guitar set up workshop….

The Fest is put together by four very dedicated people and it is only a success because of YOUR contributions. Help the fest succeed by teaching/presenting a workshop, attending the fest, volunteering at the fest, or tabling/displaying your DIY related projects and crafts.

Fill out the appropriate questionnaire if you would like to teach a workshop or table the event. Keep an eye on this site or like our Facebook page to keep up with the fest.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I would like to sell art and recycled craft and can yeah a painting workshop or recycled art workshop

  2. Okay Katia! Maybe next year.

  3. Ambika agarwal said:

    It’s my first time in the city! Can’t wait to see all the vendors

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